Day 20 – Done and dusted

Now that the excavation is over, have a look-out for important future postings; a final environmental report, a full analysis of the flint from the site, the finished drawings and preliminary reports. In about six weeks we will have a C14 date that will confirm, once and for all, the date of this monumental structure.

The OPW kindly provided the machine- and man-power to fill in the cutting. We cannot adequately express out gratitude to all in the OPW! In this photo we see (from left) Tony Kelly, Peter Dooner, John (Kruger) Lennon, Matthew Stout (in OPW hi-viz vest) and Craig. Frank Taffe awarded the vest to Matt, making him an honorary OPW worker for the day, a great honour.
Panorama of the site being backfilled. David approaches on his quad-bike (photo: Helen Stout).


The month ended with this fine piece by Lise Hand in the Irish edition of the London Times. She brought together all the discoveries from this summer.

Basic RGB

Author: Matthew Stout

Lecturer, School of History and Geography, St Patrick's Campus, DCU

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