Day 19 – The excavation ends

The ranging rod on the left rests on the flat bottom of the ‘great pit’, after as many stones as could be safely removed were taken away.
Post-ex begins! The work will continue after the digging stops. Here Penny Johnston shows a book on Cursuses. A lot of study of comparable sites in Britain and Ireland lies ahead.
OPW’s John O’Brien with his daughter Clare after their visit to the site. Here they can be seen with co-director Matthew Stout enjoying a cup of coffee at the Newgrange Farm restaurant.
Barry Drinan and Marie Bourke enjoying our end of excavation soirée in the lovely grounds of the Newgrange Farm picnic area.
The soirée from the west.
The soirée from the east.
Sporting the commemorative T-shirt are Mattison, Richard, Donal, Matthew and Sadhbh.
Enjoying the soirée are Fionbarr Moore, Caitríona Devane, Kieran Campbell and Liam O’Connor (seated).

Author: Matthew Stout

Lecturer, School of History and Geography, St Patrick's Campus, DCU

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