Day 14 – Are we there yet?

We thought we had reached the bottom of the outer ditch but a charcoal spread which appeared in the last two days, indicated that this was not the case and now it continues to go down thanks to the hard work of Joseph Moran, Helen Stout and Ciarán McDonnell with lots of help from Sadhbh and Richard, Peadar and Maria. The dynamic duo of Mattie (the Mattock Mattison Interian) and Matt with the help of Siobháin McCormack (of Bective Abbey fame) have finally bottomed the great pit. Tom and Craig continue to go down in the inner ditch.  We were thrilled to see members of our family arrive on site during the day. Natalie (Geraldine’s niece-in-law) with our youngest visitor Theo (who is ten weeks old), Emily, Linda and Siobháin did a great job on the sieve. We also were delighted to see Barbara and (little) Geraldine (two of Geraldine’s nieces) with Hayden, Leo and Brody. In the afternoon our friends from Drogheda, Rachel, Nicola, Erris, Mede and Connie joined us on a tour of the site.

Our Notre Dame intern Mattison Interian was a guest on radio LMFM’s ‘Late Lunch’ Gerry Kelly’s afternoon  show. She spoke about her football career and her time in Ireland.

Mattison with radio presenter Gerry Kelly.
From left: Natalie (with Theo), Siobháin, Emily, Linda, Siobháin McCormack and Geraldine Stout. Natalie is Geraldine’s niece-in-law while Linda is from the Robinson family, the owners of Knowth house during the Eogan-led excavations.
Emily Beggs in search of her next major discovery.
Connie, Erris and Mede (children of Rachel and Donagh) after a hard day’s work at the excavation.
Rachel and Nicola Pierce honoured the site with a visit. Both are noted authors.
Chilling at the end of the day under the gazebo are Maria, Peadar and Siobháin McCormack. Siobhain is sporting her groovy pink wellies.
Geraldine explains the excavation to her nieces Geraldine and Barbara and Brody, Hayden and Leo.


We were joined in the afternoon by a group of archaeological summer school students from Irish Cultural Heritage (Oidhreacht Chultúrtha), an exciting and innovative development within the School of Celtic Studies at  Maynooth University. The group was led by Mary Leenane (a leading authority on Cú Chulainn) and Eoin Grogan (NUIM). Unfortunately the blog photographer omitted to include Eoin in the group photo (see inset).

Author: Matthew Stout

Lecturer, School of History and Geography, St Patrick's Campus, DCU

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