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Day 6 – Distinguished visitors

Today was action packed with many distinguished visitors to the site. We were delighted to welcome back to Newgrange, geophysicist, Joanne Leigh and her team (Susan Curran of UCD and Rhonda McGovern)  who actually discovered the site we are excavating in 2015. Her team marked out this vast site on the ground with colourful flags as a useful guide for the excavation. Dr Steve Davies from the Archaeology Department, University College Dublin, jumped into the southern end of the trench and helped the team investigate the subsoil gravels where we hope to uncover a large pit identified in the geophysics. In the middle of the trench Edward Lynch (formerly of Sligo IT), Billy Sines (UCD) and Mattison Interian (Notre Dame University) have been uncovering a charcoal rich area of pits in the middle of the sites that is producing slag and iron fragments. In the afternoon Billy started sectioning one of these pits, which produced charcoal for dating and environmental evidence in the upper fill. Donald Murphy and Ian Russell came by with a metal detector for us, for which we are very grateful. Thanks guys. We were also delighted to welcome Gerry Kelly of LMFM fame to the site who interviewed members of the team. We should be on the radio tomorrow afternoon c.2.00 pm so tune in to 95.8 LMFM!

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From left to right: Rosanne Meenan, Donal Lynch, Rhonda McGovern and Jo Leigh. They are excavating the hard clay at the north end of the cutting.
The large crew and visitors to the excavation.
Work continues during the visit from LMFM. Steve Davis from UCD looks on at far right. Steve, Ireland’s Lidar survey expert, has offered his services for the week. At bottom centre is Edward Lynch (Sligo IT) and in the white hat (above him trowelling) is Kelly Mara (Dublin Zoo).
Amongst our many distinguished visitors today were Will Murphy (DCU, right) and Catherine Cox (UCD, middle).
Its not all about visitors and cups of tea. Some serious trowelling is exposing the great pits in the middle of the cutting. Here we see the charcoal rim at the edge of the pit.
From left to right: Rosanne Meenan, Ian Russell, Donald Murphy and site co-director Geraldine Stout. Donald of ACS Archaeological Services kindly lent us a metal detector for examining the spoil heaps. Thanks Donald!
At the far right is Deirdre Kelly from Sligo IT. She and Edward Lynch drove all the way down from the north-west to help us today. She is speaking to Joseph Moran, a local volunteer. Joe is studying Media and Spanish at DCU.
Gerry Kelly of LMFM flanked by Jo Leigh (geophysicist, left) and Notre Dame intern and site publicity officer Mattison Interian.


Another photo featuring Gerry Kelly of LMFM. This time he is in the cutting.
Jo Leigh (geophysicist) is flanked by her two friends Susan Curran (left) and Rhonda McGovern (right). Joanne discovered the site and she very kindly marked out the entire monument with flags. The archaeological carnival has come to town. The bloggers at Newgrange Farm Excavations wish to apologise to Susan for not having her name in the blog when first posted.



Jo Leigh’s team at work.


Stephen Newe uses a metal detector on the spoil heap. The Metal detector was kindly supplied by Donald Murphy of ACS Archaeological Services.



At the end of the day even more distinguished visitors arrive. From left: Barry Drinan, his niece Laura, and (at far right) is Marie Bourke, formerly of the National Gallery)..
Quiet settles on the excavation cutting after a busy day.

Author: Matthew Stout

Lecturer, School of History and Geography, St Patrick's Campus, DCU

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